How to start trading cryptos on BitiCodes platform

There is many crypto trading automated trading software in the world. And it’s a tricky task to choose a reliable crypto trading bot.

One among them, BitiCodes, enables quick and simple access to popular cryptocurrencies.

BitiCodes is developed to help new and experienced traders make precise and profitable trades.

So far, the software has 560,000 active users.

According to the Biticodes review, with the Biticodes trading robot, you can trade Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and other popular big cap crypto coins.

 Let’s look at how to start using the Biticodes trading platform.


The initial step in opening an account in this crypto automated trading platform is registration on the official biticodes website. The registration is straightforward and quick, without complicated forms to fill out.

Therefore, to get registered, you need to visit the official BitiCodes website and complete a form to open your free account. Traders should offer their basic info such as their first name, last name, email address, and phone number. They don’t have to add personal user information like bank account history and numbers, transaction details, etc.

Deposit funds

After having finished trading with the Demo Account, and gained knowledge and skills knowing how the Biticodes software works, it’s time for you to begin trading with your real money. Add any amount you want, but be aware that the minimum deposit that the platform demands are $250. After having added funds to the trading account, you ought to do is click on “Auto-Trade”, and select the pairs you wish to trade. And then you can just sit back watching the software perform trades for you.

Keep in mind that it is advisable you make a bare minimum investment when you start trading for the first time. The payment methods that are available are Master card, Visa, Credit cards, Debit cards, American Express, Neteller, and Discover Network.

Try the Demo Account

To familiarize yourself with the Biticodes platform and its many features and at the same time gain a general understanding of what trading is all about, you may need to learn how to trade with a demo account. It will help you improve your overall trading process and increase your profit.

The BitiCodes crypto trading software grants the trader a $1500 credit if a trader likes to test the software to its fullest extent. This amount can be used to start your trades in demo mode so that the trader can practice.

Any money you win or lose in the demo trading environment is not real money. It is only for training on a demo account. Once you feel more confident using the platform, you can start with real trading sessions.

Try Demo Trading Option

To become familiar with the trading software and its characteristics while also gaining a general grasp of what it is like to trade cryptos, you may have to try crypto trading with a demo account. That will certainly help you boost your profit and enhance the overall trading process experience.

The BitiCodes trading system offers the trader a granted credit of $1500. If a trader wishes to test the platform to its full potential. You can use this considerable amount to start their trades in the demo mode for practice.

Please take note of this: any capital you make or lose while trading in a demo environment is not real money. It’s solely for demonstration in a demo mode. After you feel confidence, you can begin with real trading sessions.

Start trading for real.

After funding your Biticodes account, you will be ready to venture into trading with BitiCodes. You just have to switch from demo to crypto trade in a live mode. Once the bot trading feature is on, the trading bots begin scanning the market movements in search of potentially lucrative investment possibilities.

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